BlepMC is Online at

What BlepMC does have:

  • Compatibility with both Java Edition and Bedrock
  • Full-sized vanilla survival world
  • Nether and End portals enabled
  • /home, /rtp and other useful commands
  • Trees that break instantly
  • New features added regularly
  • Almost 100% uptime (unless the server blows up or the cat eats it)
  • Way too many optimisation plugins

What BlepMC doesn’t have:

  • Pay-to-win mechanics of any kind
  • Phantoms
  • The answer to all your life’s questions
  • Sam

BlepMC is currently on Minecraft 1.20.4

To play on Minecraft Java Edition: 

  • Address:

And on all other Minecraft editions:

  • Address:
  • If prompted, sign in with your Microsoft account.


08th Apr 2024 - Completely redesigned the spawn area. Now featuring questionable parkour.
              - Implemented enterprise-grade security measures
                (/op is only ever applied for as long as it is actively being used.)

31st Mar 2024 - Restored from a backup to reverse a large griefing attack.
              - Installed various security measures on the proxy server.
              - Upgraded the main spawn area in the process.

02nd Feb 2024 - Upgraded to 1.20.4
              - Updated all major plugins to their latest versions.
              - Changed backup schedule to weekly to reduce disk usage and server load.

21st Sep 2023 - Got Geyser working again, once again allowing Bedrock players onto the server.
              - Notch apple.

18th Sep 2023 - Introduced skill tree and leveling up system (FreeRPG).
              - Disabled TreeCapitator and set KeepInventory to False, 
                as these clash with some skill tree perks.

16th Sep 2023 - BlepMC is now live on our new high-performance server!
                The new address for BlepMC is

11th Sep 2023 - Installed InventoryRollbackPlus
              - Enabled nightly backups to reduce the effect of un-natural disasters.

10th Sep 2023 - Increased the server's memory by 8 GB
              - Assigned more CPU cores
              - Increased the difficulty to hard
              - Disabled phantoms

04th Sep 2023 - You can now use /colors to customise the colour of your name in-game.

11th Jul 2023 - Updated all plugins to their latest versions. Players are now allowed to sit or lie down.

19th Jun 2023 - Upgraded to 1.20.1

29th Apr 2023 - Finally added support for Bedrock. (Hi, console users!)

09th Apr 2023 - M O N E Y ! (Global economy and auction house plugins.)

24th Mar 2023 - Now on version 1.19.4

10th Mar 2023 - Server is now hosted on proper hardware!

30th Jan 2023 - Server can now be accessed from its new address:

17th Jan 2023 - Installed AdvancedTeleport to allow teleporting to other players.

08th Jan 2023 - Disabled account verification to allow cracked clients to join the server.

01st Jan 2023 - Switched to Paper as the server backend instead of Spigot.
Please note: the server is now on version 1.19.3

31st Dec 2022 - All plugins now work as intended!

28th Dec 2022 - SSMC is reborn in 1.19.2!